Autumn Marsh Triptych, 15 x 7 inches. 85.00.


Marblehead Harbor painting, installed, private residence.

marblehead-harbor-de                                                                                                                                                                              I love the way the colors of the room bring out the palette of the painting.





Painting 40 x 26 inches. Mixed media handmade paper.  Private collection.

FAN Sea That!

If you didn’t get to the beach or the Boston Public Gardens this summer, why not bring a taste of either into your home or office? These Mixed Media Wall Reliefs capture the natural beauty of New England and add an up to date look to any interior design concept. Made with shaped abaca pulp, folded Giclee prints on German Watercolor paper, and mounted onto 1″ Gator Board, these large scale sculptural works are lightweight, ready to install, and guaranteed not to fade. Enjoy the beauty of New England all year round!

North Shore Fan installed insitu








North Shore Wall Relief,

60 x 28 x 5 inches.


Sailing Installed, insitu





Sailing Boats Wall Relief,

60 x 23 x 4 inches.



fireplace with brick wall and sofas

Boston Public Garden Fan









Boston Public Garden Wall Relief

56 x 26 x 4 inches.


What I did over my Summer Vacation . . .

After years of studying Art History, I finally had the change to visit Greece.  It was hot- 100 degrees every day!  But it was a wonderful experience and I had the best tour director who knew her art history.  Best of all, I made some great friends and fulfilled a life long dream.


Photos from Greece.

I just returned from a wonderful week in Greece where I was able to see many of the treasures I had studied for so many years.  Hot!  110 degrees every day.  But, what a wonderful time I had.

Documenting Memories of Marblehead for Care Dimensions Auction

IMG_1656 IMG_1655 IMG_1652
My friend Gary Tardiff photographing Memories of Marblehead in his South Boston Studio.  The photograph will be used for the giclees of the painting.  The Care Dimensions Auction will be held at the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead on Friday, June 17.





The painting temporarily installed in the artist’s home.

Marblehead Harbor, 2015







The final photograph of the painting.

Kick Off Event for the Auction Painting, Memories of Marblehead

12006172_1275890375771929_5370559496148189415_n 12523842_1275890372438596_8650868731274564499_n 1934586_1275890379105262_4129857324783676501_n









At Care Dimensions kick-off event for the 22nd annual Hospice Auction & Regatta to benefit Care Dimensions we unveiled this year’s signature artwork by Topsfield artist Meg Black Handmade Paper Art. This year’s Gala Auction and Dinner will be held at Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead on Friday, June 17th. For more information about event tickets or sponsorship please visit

Hospice Painting: Week Three Retrospective

This is my favorite-and most challenging parts of the creative process: the final stages.  The work starts to come together, but my energy flow can weaken as the process drags on.  And I become so familiar with the image, (too familiar?) that I can become complacent, and overlook areas that need revision.


A close up of the rocks. I am trying to add grey, greens and oranges to the palette to invoke a sense of romantic energy.


Just the hint of a sailboat on the right side of the composition. I love the ghostly quality of it as it glides across the water.


This grouping of sailboats on the left of the composition were taken from photographs of them at a much greater scale. Superimposing and rescaling them into the background here was time-consuming, not to mention changing to colors slightly so they wouldn’t overwhelm the rest of the painting.












Almost finished. I’ll let it go for a few day, come back, and see how I feel. Titian did this, so did Peter Paul Rubens. They would turn their work to the wall for a few days so they couldn’t see it, and then would look at it with fresh eyes.


Commission for a Classic New England Home

My latest commission installed Wednesday into a private home in Gloucester, MA. I love this home-it has the charm and weathered feel of a New England home so close to the ocean. And I love the homeowner, Diane Stringer, one of my oldest and most loyal patrons.IMG_4323 IMG_4326 IMG_4327

Ideas for the Hospice Auction painting.

I used Photoshop to play around with different compositions.  I’m liking Care 19 the best.  The scale of the boats seems about right with the rest of the imagery.  And, I love working on these photos when it is 23 degrees out my window.  Lots of work to do!Care Dimensions I sailing races July 2015 Care Dimensions III Care 13 Care 14 Care 15 Care Dimensions V Care Dimensions IV IMG_0821 Care 1 Care 2 Care 3 IMG_0840 IMG_0851 Care Dimensions VI IMG_0852 Care 4 Care 5 Care 6 Care 10 Care 11 Care 12 Care 19 Care 7 Care 8 Care 9