Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Over time, will the colors in the artwork fade?
    No.  The pigments used in the work are “light fast.”  That is, they are pure pigments such as cobalt, manganese and titanium guaranteed not fade even if the work is exposed to or installed in direct sunlight.
  2. Does the artwork need to be framed behind glass?
    No. The artwork has been heavily sized with both internal and surface sizing.  Internal sizing prevents the work from absorbing moisture; surface sizing stiffens. It and protects the surface from pollutants.  The extensive use of sizing seals the work and creates it own “glass.”
  3. Will the artwork warp?
    No.  The work is secured to its backing with acid free glue (the same glue used in museum restoration).  The glue and secure mounts-picture matting in the case of a painting; mounting board in the case of a wall sculpture-will prevent the work from warping.
  4. Will humid weather effect the work?
    No.  The work is dry, and because it is heavily sized, it will not absorb moisture during humid weather.
  5. What is the price for commissioned work?
    A rate of 700.00 U.S. dollars per square foot is charged for a commissioned work.  The minimum cost for a commissioned work is 4200.00 (six square feet).  Giclee prints are charged according to size: see price list. For custom sized giclee prints, please visit my Fine Art America Web Site at https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/meg-black.html
  6. How does the commission process work?                                                                                  Before contacting Meg Black about your commission ideas, please take a moment to complete the enclosed questionnaire.                                                                                                                                     View Questionnaire
    After your questionnaire is received, Meg will schedule a free one hour consultation, often on location for where the commission is intended to be installed, to discuss the scope and specific requirements of the project.  If additional photographs are deemed necessary for the commission beyond Meg’s extensive collection, Meg will charge 700.00 for a full 8-hour day and 400. for a half 4-hour day made payable in advance to complete the photography session.  Note: no more than three photographs may be used for a single commissioned painting.                                                                                                                                   After this meeting, Meg Black will supply 3-5 Photoshop examples of the proposed project along with a written contract. The cost for the examples is 200.00. This fee is deducted from the final cost of the commission if the signed contract is returned within 30 days along with a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the cost of the commission.                                                                                                            An additional 50% of the total cost is required during a scheduled in-progress meeting at which time any adjustments to the original proposal are determined.  The final balance of 25% is due upon delivery of the final artwork.                                                                                                               After this visit and discussions with the homeowner, art consultant, or designer in which the size, shape, subject matter, and completion date are worked out in a written proposal, sketches and photographs, a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the agreed upon price is required as a down-payment.  This deposit covers the materials and is deducted from the final cost.  An additional 50% of the total cost is required during a scheduled in-progress meeting at which time any changes to the original proposal are worked out.  The final balance of 25% is due upon delivery of the final artwork.                                                                                                                                                                       

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  1. What is the return policy for the artwork?
    All attempts to protect and prolong the quality of the artwork have been taken before it leaves the studio.  Should the work incur unforeseen damage, it will be repaired free of charge, for up to one year, after which time the current hourly studio rate will be charged.  The current rate is 100. an hour.
  2. What can I do with my Meg Black painting now that I have decided to sell my house?                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    It is my intention that my work will increase in value and reward the people who have invested in me over time. It is for this reason that I continue to work at the pace I do and keep active on social media. My reasoning goes that the more accolades I receive from the public, the more my work will increase in value. That said, as long as I am alive and working, the value will only increase so much. Alas, I need to be long gone before any real dividends pay off! In the meantime, for legal reasons, only an art appraiser can determine the current value of my work, and paying for such a service can be costly. So, my best advice is to pass the work down to a family member, nursing home, religious group, public library, homeless shelter, alumni group, town municipal building or close friend much as you would a family heirloom, and hope that someday they will benefit from your generous gift. Who knows, future generations may read about this windfall someday.
    It can take a long time for art to increase in value, and as the art market can be finicky, I would not hold onto the work assuming it’s worth has multiplied at this point. Pass it along and so that other people enjoy it as you have.Another idea, is when a homeowner has sold their house, they’ve included the commissioned artwork with the sale and worked out a deal with the realtor to get reimbursed for the price of the art.  The homeowner should expect to get at least the same amount for the painting as what they paid for it according to the contract or bill of sale that came with painting upon delivery.  Talk to your realtor about this idea.  It has worked well for homeowners in the past and allows the new homeowner to enjoy the painting for years to come.
  3. Can Meg Black re-sell my art for me?
    It is not feasible for Meg Black to attempt to sell the work for the homeowner because commissioned art is hard to re-sell as it has been created for an exact location and to the specifications of the patron.  The money from the sale of the current work may be used to purchase a newly commissioned piece for the new home if desired.
  4. Can Meg Black appraise the work for me before I sell or donate it?                                        Meg Black cannot legally adhere a value to the work being offered for sale-only a third party art appraiser can do this.  Check to see if there is a local appraiser who can assist you with determining the value of the work.