New Englanders love Impressionist art. And no wonder, when the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has one of the world’s most impressive Impressionists collections. In this 60-minute lecture about Impressionism, Topsfield resident and art professor Meg Black, Ph.D., will take attendees behind the scenes by sharing the fun facts, stories, and assorted scandals about Impressionism and the artists who made this bohemian movement what it is today. The next time attendees visit the MFA, they will be well prepared to experience the art of Impressionism.Thursday, June 9, 7:00 PM on Zoom. Register

Here is one of the fun facts about Impressionism I’ll be sharing during my lecture:

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Claude Monet. Impression: Sunrise, (1872). 19 × 24 3/8”. Oil on canvas, Musee Mormottan, Paris.

The term “Impressionism” was meant as an insult. The first fun fact about Impressionist painters is that Impressionists were first called that way by their detractors. They decided to call themselves that way later on as a title of glory. They reclaimed the name “Impressionist” to their advantage. The picture above was painted by Claude Monet and is known to be the first Impressionist painting that ever existed. It is called “Impression, soleil levant“, which means Impression, sunrise in English. The title of this painting also inspired the name of this art movement.

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