Coneflowers II.


This painting is inspired by a tiny garden just down the street from my studio. The garden is tenderly cared for by a local garden club, all volunteer, who make sure it is bright and colorful all season long. I’ve been photographing and painting this garden for a few years now. I ride my bike next to it every summer morning before it gets too hot. One day, I thought to stop and take a closer look. There, I discovered colors, shapes, and textures way beyond what I saw as I rode by on my bike. It reminded me of Virginia Wolfe’s short story “Kew Gardens” which features a snail as one of the main characters inching is way along the garden as people stroll by without noticing the life teeming inside this eco-world. So, I took photos and made sketches of this lovely garden that so many of us drive by every day. Here are two of my paintings of the garden.

Coneflowers II (2021). 40 x 40 x 4 inches. Abaca, pearlescent pigment, acrylic medium mounted onto custom frame. 8000.00.

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