Cross Street framed in an orange/red frame 23 x 20 x 1 inch.


Cross Street is the name of the street at the highest elevation in Topsfield, MA. I love watching the morning light as it appears over the brim of the rolling hills at the base of this street. So, I started riding my bike up the hill to Cross Street every morning at sunrise. I knew when I reached the top of the hill this one morning, I had my found what I was searching for. The sky went from gold to red to violet. The mist rose over the fields into a smoky translucent gray. And the light was kissing the treetops to reveal a lime green next to deep maroon leaves. It was like the creation story told in so many myths. The original painting is in a private collection, but I did manage to make a few prints, printed onto German Watercolor paper and printed on a commercial Epson printer using over 20 color cartridges. This is the only framed print I have of Cross Street. Once it is gone, I will not be framing any more.

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Meg’s ability to capture the beauty of this sunrise location overwhelmed me. The joyful and calm feelings it invokes can’t be overstated. Masterful.

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