Field of Larkspur, 30 x 30 x 2 inches.


Happy July, when the gardens are in full bloom and the local vegetables are at their peak. The official flower for July is the Larkspur. Larkspurs are a symbol of positivity and dedication. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the larkspur is native to parts of the Mediterranean, Africa, and Europe. Larkspurs grow wild in the United States and Europe, and have become naturalized in gardens all over the world. Larkspurs are believed to have gotten their name from their resemblance to the claw of the meadowlark. The material I used to create this painting, abaca fiber and pure color, assures the textures and vibrant colors of the Larkspur come through. Why not add a touch of July to your decor all year round with this large-scale painting of the gardener’s favorite, the Larkspur?

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I wanted to write an amazing thank you to an amazing person, but I feel inadequate for the job.  Your creativity inspires us all.  I will never quite be able to look at a landscape painting without thinking of you and our great visit.  Thank you for having us at your studio and giving us the opportunity to view and share in your art.


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