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The Impressionists loved to paint the illusion of dappled sunlight. I too have become enamored by this challenging task. For me, it begins during my early morning bike ride. When I get to the crest of this hill, it takes my breath away. Some mornings, the sun rising over the hills, the light just coming over the trees, is just magical.  The promise of a new day, the light in the morning sky.  The hope it brings to us all. The stones lined up as if they are waiting for the sun to rise and the reflection from the stones is as ancient as Stonehenge. I want to share this beauty on the canvas.  I hope you appreciate this beautiful image as much as I do.

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Hay Harvesting, 2022. 40 x 20 inches. Unframed. 3250.00.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 40 × 20 in

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