Pompeii Villa


Pompeii, the ancient city buried by Mount Vesuvius, captures our imagination to this day. The open-air gardens lifestyle, the wall murals showing lavish banquets, and of course, the colorful floor mosaics. The ancient Romans knew how to push the boundaries of space and depict the organic beauty of marble by laying down layers of colors stone and carefully sanded glass to create breathtaking patterns of color and texture.

I thought of these ancient wonders of interior design as I made these delicately colored abstract paintings, The smaller scale, 13 x 13 inches framed, is just right to display as a diptych with Pompeii Mosaics.

The Romans knew how to incorporate original art into interior design. I love the idea of adding Pompeiian inspiration into today’s clean lines and fresh colors. Why not try it out?  30-day full refund.

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