Rolling Waves and Evening Thunder.


Have you ever been walking on the beach when I storm suddenly comes out of nowhere? Lightening flashes across the sky, the wind whips at your back as you scurry to shelter. This wall sculpture is inspired by a sudden storm along the seashore at the end of a humid day. This abstract and color field wall sculpture celebrates the feeling of being at the ocean and walking along the shoreline on a late summer afternoon at just this time. Using non-fading lightfast pigmented pulps that I beat in my Hollander beater in my studio, I carefully arrange each individual section into a splash of sea-inspired color that delights the eyes. The unique texture of this fiber-overbeaten abaca is also used to make rigging for sailing vessels due to its strength-allows for a velvety surface and bold array of colors. This textured wall art is reminiscent of being at the ocean on a breezy summer day. Perfect for the office or home office in need of a visually pleasing focal point. Mounted on 1 inch Gator Board and ready for immediate installation.

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Rolling Waves and Evening Thunder, (2021). Abaca, pearlescent pigment, acrylic medium, mounted on custom frame. 58 x 42 x 3 inches. 2950.00.


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