Sunrise, Cross Street, Topsfield, MA. This print is matted, unframed.


Cross Street, Topsfield, is a favorite walking destination for many people who live on the north shore of Boston. The morning light rising over the rolling hills just behind the Topsfield Fair Grounds is especially captivating. In order to capture this light, I started riding my bike up the hill to Cross Street every morning at sunrise, and I mean very early, sometimes before 5:00am in the summer. I knew when I reached the top of the hill on one morning in particular I had found what I was looking for. The sky went from gold to red to violet. The mist on the fields was rising into a smoky gray. And the light was kissing the treetops to reveal a lime green next to a deep maroon. It was like the creation story told in so many cultures. The original painting is in a private collection, but I have made a very limited edition of prints. I also have the matted but unframed print in the 17 x 21 inch size for 200.00.

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Sunrise, Cross Street, Topsfield, MA. 28 x 23 inches. Custom matted. 275.00. Custom matted only. This print does not come framed.

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