Papermaking workshop with Andover High School Art Teacher Kaitlin Dierze.

Kaitlin uses the pulp to form a base sheet. The base sheet will be used as the surface to accept the pigmented pulp.

I had the pleasure of working with Kaitlin Dierze in my studio last weekend. Kaitlin is practicing her paper making skills so she can teach her high school students the art of pulp painting. We covered the steps needed to create paper art including recommended fibers to use, pigmenting the fiber with minimum seepage, pouring pulp into evenly distributed sheets, proper drying techniques and pasting college elements into the paper surface.

Kaitlin is the recipient of a grant that is slated for the purpose of teaching pulp painting to her advanced high school students at Andover High School.

Pulp painting is the art of applying natural fibers such as cotton and linen to a poured surface and “painting” with the pigmented fibers. The pigmented fibers are applied to the surface using a variety of tools such as spoons, turkey basters and old credit cards.

Kaitlin made a series of small paper artwork she can show her students as samples for the creations they can make during the workshop she plans to deliver later this school year. I have to say the students at Andover High School are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher who was willing to give up her weekend to practice her skills at pulp painting.

Using a turkey baster to “paint” the pigmented pulp onto the base sheet.

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Using overeaten abaca and a spoon to paint a garden in bloom.