The benefits of adding nature-based artwork to the office environment.

Biophilia (love of nature) is the idea of interacting with nature no matter the actual environment-including an office interior. For artists and designers, this can be incorporating works of art that focus on nature into the work environment. One of my favorite natural subjects to focus on in my own artwork are birch trees. The morning light streaming through the skin like bark of the birch tree in this example allows for an inspiring welcome to those entering the work space.

For the state of New Hampshire, I was commissioned to create six paintings of the state tree, the white birch, as it transitions through the times of day and seasons of the year. This installation reflects the people who use the building to acquire their earned licenses as they too are transitioning through stages of their own lives.

Transitions (2014). Six 90 x 40 inch paintings of the state tree, the white birch. Commissioned by the State of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Council on the Arts
Birch tree, in-situ. Available on my giclee page.
Office interior lobby . Blank wall for copy space, lots of light, sunlight scene. Black leather sofa. gray floor tiles. daylight scene. designer copy space background