When I opened my beautiful new Meg Black and told my story about how it is for my Martha’s Vineyard house, my husband did not keel over or make any strange noises. The path is being laid to our bottle of wine.  Hope your new year gets off to a magnificent start.

I clearly remember a very brief, casual encounter with you before I moved to Manchester, inquiring about your art. What still to this day impressed me most was the prompt call I received a week later, as a follow-up and then our meeting. You relayed business wisdom your father had imparted to always follow-up on a “lead.” While there are many tremendoulsy talented artists, it is a rare combination to have the business saavy that you also possess! You pose a triiple threat–Talent, business-mind and incredible connection through your genuine conversational skills with potential customers and attention to their needs. AND–you deliver!! I would whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone! I am a “tough” customer and you have always exceeded my expectations because you expect no less from yourself! AND need I mention–YOU are GOOD at what you do!!

Meg is an accomplished artist whose beautiful land- and seascapes hang in businesses and private collections around the country. All of Meg’s paper is hand-made, which adds a unique and often extraordinary finish to the final piece. (In fact, on her first visit to my office Meg laid down an 8 by 10 canvas, took off her shoes, and walked across the painting in her stocking feet. So, not only is the paper exquisite, but it’s rugged as well!) Meg complements her art with solid business acumen, always maintaining a strong connection with her audience and markets. Eric B. Schultz, Director, Author, Occasional CEO

Meg Black is an internationally recognized artist who has been painting with pulp and handmade paper for over 30 years. She is something of a pioneer as one of a few painters working in this exciting and very challenging medium.
Renee Philips, Director, Manhattan Arts International

Wonderful interview, excellent responses. In particular I liked the answer “beautiful” Here is an art history professor who knows all the arguments about what makes something a work of art…and she can stay above all that and create things of beauty. After all, that IS the meaning of ‘aesthetic”
Elynne Rosenfeld