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I spent last Saturday walking through Walden Woods in search of inspiration for my #caredimenisons commission. The new Care Dimensions building is located in Waltham, MA. not far from Walden Pond. The commission features three paintings inspired by the natural environment of Walden Pond. The quiet serenity, sense of peace and the smell of autumn trees on the trail was invigorating. Thoreau, who lived in Walden Woods for two years after the death of his brother John, (his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson owned the land at the time and let him live on it for free), wrote his most famous essays while huddled in his very small cabin. A replica of the cabin is on site and invites visitors to imagine what it was like for Thoreau to live there. I understand Thoreau’s desire to live simply and peacefully. I hope my paintings reflect the Walden Pond Thoreau came to know so well.

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