Viewers often comment how much they love the textures and colors in my artwork. My subject matter is nature, which is full of texture and color. These qualities create the emotional pull nature has on us.

My aim as an artist is to recreate these emotions in my artwork, allowing viewers to feel connected to the natural world.


Recapture the Emotion of Nature. 

Meg Black Coneflowers, original art gallery


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Meg Black Wall Sculpture original art

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Meg Black Coneflowers, original art gallery


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Abaca Wave Sculpture on Rocky Shore

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Artist Meg Black in her studio

A close-up of a few leaves Description automatically generatedHello leaf Peepers, are you planning on visiting Western Mass. this Indigenous People’s Day weekend, October 7, 8, and 9? How about stopping by Paradise City Arts Festival, in glorious Northhampton, MA. I’ll be showing my latest work in booth 508. Click on the link for a 2.00 coupon. Better yet, join my mailing list before October 1 and get one complimentary entrance ticket.A close-up of a few leaves Description automatically generated

Register for a papermaking workshop.

In this 6-hour workshop, students will explore pulp-painting techniques using cotton and abaca fibers. Pigmenting, painting with overbeaten abaca, shrinkage properties of the different fibers, and multiple layering techniques will be covered in this intensive workshop. Students will become familiar with handmade paper artwork, both the artist’s as well as that of other artists, who work in this exciting and unique medium.

Workshops fill up very quickly so register today. 145.00.

“ Meg’s ability to capture the beauty of this sunrise location overwhelmed me. The joyful and calm feelings it evokes can’t be overstated. Masterful.”

Private Collector

Elegant, Delicate, and tranquil is how I would describe Meg Black’s paintings. Upon viewing Meg’s work I was encapsulated and was immediately brought to the moment portrayed in the painting. The realistic nature scenes are absolutely magical.  Any room can be uplifted with the positive energy of her pieces, they are breathtaking to say the least. The aura behind her work leaves you with a warm feeling and truly makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.

Amber, Private Collector

My pulp painting process.

Why paint with pulp? And what is pulp-painting anyway? 👩‍🎨 The ”Pulp” I use is abaca, a fiber from the inner bark of the banana tree. It is extremely strong, acid free, and holds color beautifully. Another use for abaca fiber is to make rigging for sailing vessels and tea bags (ever wonder why yea bags don’t fall apart when dipped in hot water)? 👩🏽‍🎨 If you paint with oil on canvas, there is a good chance you are using abaca. Commercial canvas of the highest quality includes abaca fiber to ensure it is strong enough to be framed without glass. 👩‍🎨But why bother using this material when commercially made paint is available? The answer is simple: texture. Nature imagery is my primary subject. And nature is full of texture. By using abaca that has a textured quality, I am able to recreate the many textures of nature in my work. From still ponds to crashing shorelines to fields of wild flowers, abaca allows me to recreate these textures on a 2D surface. 👩🏼‍🎨 My slogan “recapture the emotion of nature” comes from using this wonderfully textured material as my painting medium. Read about my process>

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