I am a New England based artist who uses organic fibers to create nature-inspired art that adds color and texture to your home or office

I’m excited to announce I’ve been awarded the Sara Gilfert Award, 2023.

      About Sara Gilfert

Sara Gilfert learned the art of Japaneses hand paper making with the renowned paper artist Kazuhiko Ando. In 2002, with Rural Action as a fiscal agent, Sara to Nelsonville, Ohio and renovated the current 35 West Columbus Street. In 2003, Paper Circle was incorporated as non-profit arts organization with the mission of the preservation, advancement and celebration of the paper and book arts. Every year, one paper artist is awarded the Sara Gilfert award. This year, I am proud to share that I am that person. 

Spring is here. Visit my gallery to see my flower inspired paintings.

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Daffodils, the official flower for March

The official flower for March is the daffodil. Daffodils symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. It’s one of the first flowers to bloom at the end of winter, announcing the beginning of spring and signifying the end of the cold, dark days. Daffodils also symbolize creativity, energy, resilience, forgiveness, and vitality. Visit my gallery to see my flower inspired paintings. 

Meg Black Coneflowers, original art gallery


Visit my painting gallery 

Meg Black Wall Sculpture original art


Visit my sculpture gallery

Meg Black Wall Sculpture original art

GIclee Prints

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Meg Black Abaca and Resin cubicle dividers

Cubicle Divider

Visit my resin art gallery

Wow! What a beautiful painting from a beautiful artist. I love to hear the history behind your paintings. I truly appreciate learning from a true master of her craft.

Sandy, Private Collector

Elegant, Delicate, and tranquil is how I would describe Meg Black’s paintings. Upon viewing Meg’s work I was encapsulated and was immediately brought to the moment portrayed in the painting. The realistic nature scenes are absolutely magical.  Any room can be uplifted with the positive energy of her pieces, they are breathtaking to say the least. The aura behind her work leaves you with a warm feeling and truly makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.

Amber, Private Collector

Meg Black working in the paper studio

About Me

Meg Black is a New England based artist who has worked with natural fibers and handmade paper to create stunning works of art for over 35 years. More>

Meg Black working in the paper studio

Professional Associations

Meg Black is associated with several professional associations including North American Hand Papermakers, Friends of Arnold Grunmer, and the American Art Education AssociationMore>

Meg Black Artist


Meg earned a BFA and MFA in studio art and a PhD in Art Education. Her work has been collected into public and private collections in Europe, North America, and Asia. Resume>

Read about my pulp painting process.

Why paint with pulp? And what is pulp anyway? 👩‍🎨”Pulp” can be made from a lot of materials but in my case I use abaca. Abaca is a fiber from the inner bark of the banana tree. It is extremely strong, acid free, and holds color beautifully. Another use for abaca fiber is to make rigging for sailing vessels and tea bags (ever wonder why yea bags don’t fall apart when dipped in hot water)? 👩🏽‍🎨 If you paint with oil on canvas, there is a good chance you are using abaca. Commercial canvas of the highest quality includes abaca fiber to ensure it is strong enough to be framed without glass. 👩‍🎨But why bother using this material when commercially made paint is available? The answer is simple: texture. My work is largely representational with nature imagery as my primary subject. Nature is not only 3D but full of a variety of textures. By using this versatile medium that has a textured quality, I am able to recreate the many textures of nature in my work. From still ponds to crashing shorelines to fields of wild flowers, abaca allows me to recreate these textures on a 2D surface. 👩🏼‍🎨 My slogan “recapture the emotion of nature” comes from using this wonderfully textured material as my painting medium. Read more about my process>

Let me help you complete the picture: contact me to discuss your project.

978 887 8670 or meg@megblack.com

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