Artistic Influences – The Golden Ratio

This entry on artistic influence is part of an ongoing series of “How to visit an Open Studio.”

I will use my final entry into this series “How to visit an open studio”, to explain how I used the Greek concept of the golden ratio in deciding on the outside dimensions of these paintings. The Greeks believed that nature imitated the creator’s intentions of beauty, and that beauty, and therefore the creator’s intentions, could be found in certain mathematical proportions found in nature. One such equation was the 4:9 ratio found in the pattern of honeybee combs and, on a much larger scale, in the Orion constellation. Greek artists and architects used these proportions to design the Parthenon: in the symmetry of the architectural elements themselves (the Width to height Ratio without the Pediments is 9:4) and in the sculptural program of the temple’s east façade, which has a height to width ratio of 4:9.

I have incorporated this symbolic number system into these paintings: the height of each painting is 90 inches; the width is 40 inches. By using these dimensions, I hope the viewer will see the natural beauty in them much like the Greeks did so many years ago.

I hope you can join me on Saturday November 15 from 10-5 or Sunday November 16 from 11-4 to celebrate the completion of Transitions, six large scale paintings of the state tree, the birch, commissioned by the State of New Hampshire Percent for Art program.

Open Studio

November 15-16, from 10-5 (Sat.) and 11-4 on Sunday
Meg Black Studios,
48 Prospect St. Topsfield, MA

Come celebrate the completion of six large-scale birch trees paintings, commissioned by the state of New Hampshire.