Care Dimensions Commission: Painting the Background

A turkey baster is used to apply what will become the blue sky of the autumn inspired painting.

The commission for Care Dimensions  in its beginning stages in my studio, October, 2017.  The panels have been covered with a base sheet of pulp and the first layer of what will become the skies is poured directly onto this layer.  Using basic “painting tools” such as plastic spoons, a turkey baster and recycled plastic cups, I begin this essential stage of the painting process, working on all three paintings at the same time to ensure time management-as one painting dries between applications of color, I anticipate the paintings will be completed by the end of November.



Two of the three paintings resting on the vacuum table in my studio, October, 2017. The painting on the right exhibits several shades of blue pulp on it. This is necessary to determine the which is the correct shade to be used for the final painting.

Over beaten abaca (pulp from the banana tree-very strong, used to make nautical rope) is removed from a blender after color has been added. The blender is used to ensure the color is evenly distributed.













What the final paintings will look like. This is what the art review committee chose during our meeting in August, 2017.