Care Dimensions Commission: The in-progress paintings in my studio

Care Dimensions commission as it unfolds in my studio.

Using simple household tools such as a turkey baster and a squeeze bottle, I apply layers of colored pulp to the surface of the painting, building the many elements of texture that make my process so unique. The three dimensional quality of the surface will mimic the original, natural environment.

The three paintings in-progress at the beginning of the work day. The challenge of working on three paintings at once is to make sure they flow together. The palates for each must be unique so they hold their own identity; at the same time they must also work harmoniously together. It is a challenge I embrace as I see this as a musical concept-harmony and identity, almost like instruments playing in an orchestra.



  Close up image of the Fall inspired painting. The cotton abaca pulp is applied with the turkey baster while the overeaten pulp is applied with the squeeze bottle.

End of the work day, Friday, October 27. The Fall painting is coming along with a new layer of colors having worked on it all day. The Summer inspired painting (right) will be worked on next. This allows all three painting to be worked on at the same time and to keep pace with each other. That is, when one painting is worked on for a period of time, I leave it for a few days until the other two paintings are worked on to meet the same level of completeness.

What the final paintings will look like. This is what the art review committee chose during our meeting in August, 2017.