Here is what she wrote:

Hi Meg:
You probably won’t remember me but I was one of the women who started the Beacon Hill Art Walk. I live in Lafayette, Colorado now and I kept your wonderful memory of a Massachusetts beach scene. It is a boardwalk going down to a beach with a water and sky horizon view. I do not know if you had a name for it. The railings are lined with beach grass and primroses. I love it and it keeps the east coast flavor for me here in the mountains. You should come here sometime. The sky and cloud formations and mountains are spectacular.
I bought this painting from you at the end of an art walk day. You were weary and ready to go home.
Thanks for it all these years later. I am 80 now and came here to be near one of my daughters.
I cherish it and keep abreast of you on line.
Keep on creating all those beautiful pictures.

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I am certain this is not the actual painting Audrey is referring to, but it is a tranquil beach scene which resembles her prosaic description.


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