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It is with great joy that I share with you that I am working on a commission for the new Care Dimensions Facility in Waltham, MA.  This commission consists of three original 62x 31 x 3 inch paintings of nature scenes inspired by Walden Pond.  Since Walden Pond has had an historical impact on the local culture, it seems an appropriate subject for the paintings.

As far as the subject is concerned, the inclusion of trees suggests seasonal changes and the water represents a nourishing force that reflects the intentions of this care-giving space.  The pathway in the center painting refers to life’s journey, sometimes smooth, sometimes jagged, but always moving into the future.

These three images were chosen from examples previously supplied by Meg Black  to                 members of the Care Dimensions staff during an on site meeting, August, 2017.

The paintings will be created using abaca, (commercially used for marine cordage and nautical rope), cotton, linen, canvas, pigment and pearlescent pigment.

The paintings will be delivered to Care Dimensions in Waltham later this year and will be installed by the opening reception that will take place sometime in early 2018.

I am very grateful to the staff of Care Dimensions for entrusting me with this exciting, and, having worked with Hospice when my dad was sick with cancer, emotional commission.  It is my goal and intent to create, in the words of Michelangelo with regard to his commission for the Pieta, the most beautiful work of art I can possibly make.

I look forward to posting updates about this commission as it progresses throughout the next few months.

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