My dad died on January 2, 2013. He was my source of inspiration, rock of support and biggest fan. During the last weeks of his life, my family came to rely heavily on Hospice Care to help us and to give my mom a much needed rest. I had known about the Care Dimensions Auction and reached out to CEO Diane Stringer, whom I have known for many years, to see about being the featured artist for 2016. She happily agreed and invited me to the 2015 Gala to help me get a feel for the event.

As I sat at the Gala, I remember wondering “What subject will I paint?” And then I realized the Regatta was part of the event and I decided to feature the sailing races that take place in the Cape Ann harbor throughout the summer months.

After an excursion on my friend Mike Miller’s boat photographing the races one evening last July, I realized the boats alone would not offer enough of a subject and decided a coastal theme, that included the boats, would be more suitable for my purpose. I visited Cape Ann many times over the ensuing months to photograph the rugged coastline, crashing waves, churning seas and changing skies this area is so famous for and to get a more complete subject for the painting. I combined several of the photographs I took and eventually had enough material to begin work on the painting, which I call Memories of Marblehead.

Slowly the painting took shape.  I remembered to take the time to post my progress on Social Media, and thus, was able to record its genesis and to share my story with my viewers, and friends of Care Dimensions.

This year’s Auction and Gala is scheduled for Friday, June 17 at the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead. I hope the painting is well received by attendees. It is the best painting I could create in memory of my dad.

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Memories of Marblehead (2016), 36 x 24 inches.  Mixed media painting.


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