Collective memory refers to the idea that many people can share a story about a place, a time, a concept.

River Road, Topsfield, MA: When I was asked by the Topsfield Library Board of Directors to create a work of art for the new addition of the library, I chose River Road because it represented a visual example of collective memory. River Road is a popular route for walkers and bikers; strollers and Sunday drivers. Clusters of people travel River Road and enjoy its natural beauty, winding curves, and sweeping vista. Art can do that-it can gather the experiences of different groups of people and provide the story line from which memories are made. A 16 x 36 inch print of the River Road painting is available for 300. To order a print of River Road, please contact the artist.

Stiles Pond, Boxford, MA: Boxford is known for its natural charm, country roads, and fresh water ponds. Stiles Pond is perhaps the most popular of these waterways as it houses the Boxford town beach. For many families, summer memories include swimming and sun bathing, meeting with friends and catching fish along the banks of Stiles Pond. I have painted several scenes of Stiles Pond throughout the years, and this painting, available in limited edition prints, is among the most popular. Print sizes and prices are available through my web site.

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