Did you know that asters are the official flower of September? I don’t know about you, but asters are one of my favorite flowers. Maybe because September is one of my favorite months. A little cooler but still warm and sunny, with the smell of autumn in the air. Asters were the inspiration for these colorful abstract paintings full of splashes of purple, gold, pink, and white.

How about adding one of my flower-inspired paintings to your home or office in need of a pop of color and a dash of texture? Click to see my gallery of available paintings. 

Aster fun facts:

  • The name “aster” comes from the Ancient Greek word for “star”—a reference to the plant’s star-shaped flowers.
  • Asters have been used to remember soldiers lost at war.
  • In ancient Greek and Roman cultures, the burning of aster leaves was believed to scare away snakes and ward off evil spirits.
  • Asters served as muses for painters and writers. 
  • They were once burned to ward off serpents. Who knew?!

I think of these new pieces as welcoming the change of season, a little less flashy, with a touch of old-fashioned charm. 

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Asters in bloom, September flower, 13 x 13 x 2 inches. white floater frame, 325.00

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