Choosing art so that it works cohesively with the design, fits within the budget, and meets the needs of the user is the hallmark of my creative practice. 

If my artwork does not meet the needs of the client, I am happy to introduce you to regional art consultants and gallerists who can assist you. 


Meg Black Studio offers a 20% commission rate off the full value upon selection of the art. For example, if the design team presents original artwork priced at 2000.00, and the work is selected for purchase by the client, the commission is 400.00. 

The artwork is shipped to the design team. Meg Black Studio pays shipping costs.  Upon final approval, the design team is invoiced for the cost of the art minus the 20% commission. If the artwork is requested before the final decision is made, conditions for how long the work can stay in the possession of the design team is made on a case-by-case basis. 





The Artist wishes to entrust artwork, specified in the Schedule of Artworks below, with the Recipient for a limited period of time for the purpose of display at the address noted above. The artwork has been chosen from the Available Art Gallery (shop) on the Meg Black Studio website. 

  1. The Artist retains ownership, copyright and all reproduction rights to the artwork. The Recipient will not copy or modify directly or indirectly any of the artworks loaned, nor will the Recipient permit any third party to do so. 
  2. The Artist/Recipient will be responsible for delivering the artwork to the Recipient. The Artist/ Recipient will be responsible for hanging the work. The Artist/Recipient will be responsible for removal of the artwork from the Recipient and delivery back to the Artist. 
  3. The Recipient agrees to display the Artist’s contact information and indication that the artwork is for sale at the price indicated in the Schedule of Artworks below. The Artist/Recipient is responsible for all details of the sale of the artworks. The Recipient will take a commission of 20 percent on sales of the artwork. 
  4. If the artwork is lost or stolen during the period with the Recipient, the Recipient will reimburse the Artist for the amount that would have been received upon sale of the artwork. Reimbursement for damage incurred during the period with the Recipient will be in an amount commensurate with the cost of repair of the damage, up to the amount the Artist would have received upon sale of the artwork. 
  5. The Artist may remove the artwork at any time, giving 5-days-notice to the Recipient. The Recipient may indicate the desire for removal of the artwork at any time. The Artist agrees to remove the artwork within 1 week of acknowledging such request. 


Original artwork is leased at 20% of the retail cost. Framed limited edition prints are leased at $25.00 per month each. All leases are for a 1-month minimum. Leasing payments may be applied to purchase the work at the end of the leasing period. 


Installation/de-installation cost is $75.00 hour.  Average time to install/de-install including travel is 4 hours.  Office staff is not allowed to move the artwork without prior written permission.  Any loss or damage to the artwork will be invoiced to the customer at full cost of the work. Actual cost is provided at the time of the lease.

Monthly payments are due on the first of each month.  A Purchase Order with the above terms is required prior to scheduling an installation.

Artist: __________________________ Recipient: _______________________________

Schedule of Artworks: 

                        Title:                                    Media:                  Size:                          Retail Price:

  1. __________________________________________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________________________________________

Contract to Print: 


Scope: This contract allows __ permission to print on paper, the images listed below. This is a one-time only permission for images agreed upon in advance of printing. 

Meg Black Studios retains ownership of, copyright, and all reproduction rights to the artwork. 

The printer agrees to sign this contract, or it is signed by ___ with acknowledgement of the printer, before the files are sent for printing.  File(s) to be printed will be sent via Dropbox directly to the printer. 

Timeframe:  Delivery of the file to be printed is due by __ x 2021_______


Meg Black (Artist): _________ MB (date) __________________ 

_______ (Designer): _____________________________

Printer: Email address to send files for printing: 

List of Artworks to be printed: 

                        Title:                                                         Size to be printed:                          

  1. ___________________________________           ________________

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