Hidcote Garden, Cotswolds, England.


Hidcote Garden, in Cotswolds, England is an Arts and Crafts-inspired garden with intricately designed outdoor spaces in the rolling Cotswold hills. The arts and crafts movement favored natural looking plantings and meandering paths over the look of more manicured formalities. I visited the garden and took a series of photos to be inspired by in my studio, of which this is one of my favorite paintings. The daisies, lavender, and red herbaceous border flowers are what make the Hidcote Garden so famous, and so worth the trip to stroll through this historical garden path.

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Hidcote Garden, Cotswolds, England, (2001). 29x 21 inches (framed; 38 x 29). Abaca, pigment, acrylic medium. 1,750.00.

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