Thirty Paintings in 30 Days: Day Three

IMG_2479 IMG_2482 IMG_2484

Day three.  Today I took the plunge and threw all the scarps of half finished paintings , remnants of pigmented pulp, and odds and ends and threw them onto my work table.  The goal: rework these elements into new, fresh work that is spontaneous, clever and whimsical.  I noticed from today’s work session that the work is taking a lot longer than I had expected.  So, I am going to time myself-one hour to complete the task of creating a new work.  No, these wall relief studies (I like that title-just thought of it!) are not paintings per se, but they are scraps, but elements, studies and sketches fro other paintings.  Hopefully this variation on the theme won’t disqualify me from the group.  I am enjoying this challenge and appreciate the effort other artists are putting in to make this a success.


                                                                         Pond Study (2015).  12 x 6 inches, mixed                           media painting. 95.00 mounted on board, ready for hanging.